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  • The jacket is made of denim hemp and has a kimono-style lapel. The broad sleeves are a light blue color that contrasts with the dark blue of the shirt, and they include eye-catching sun-shaped beeswax patterns that add embellishments to the goods. The origin and procedure through which this shirt was manufactured are the unique features buried within it. Thai ethnic women from Hang Kia - Pa Co hamlet in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, hand-paint beeswax designs. After painting with beeswax on canvas, you must pay close attention and be thorough because the beeswax will no longer be able to draw when it dries and cools. As a result, the coat represents the affection and devotion of Highland women. The designer took the risk of combining natural denim dyed hemp material representing modernity, with beeswax folk motifs reflecting tradition. The two combine to create a shirt that is both youthful and vibrant while remaining elegant.

    Beewax on Ramie Jacket

    • Denim hemp materials and 100% handmade Beeswax designs

      Sustainable and ethnical fashion product


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