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  • In the world of integration, Christmas and customs like decorating the pine tree have become the norm in Vietnamese families. Christmas ornaments, therefore, are indispensable in this special festival. There are many charming and amiable designs such as the pine trees, snowmen, reindeers, golden stars, Christmas socks; besides, there are colourful patterns which are mainly green, red, yellow - the colours of Christmas - and made of simple brocade fabric. This is also the 'Zero Waste' product line of La Pham who wishes to make use of excess cloths to create meaningful products. Therefore, if given the option of hanging and beholding the vivid, beautiful, and meaningful ornaments, will you choose them?


    About products of Empower Women Asia


    Each product that EWA brings is not just a mere product, but hidden behind each delicate and ingenious needlepoint is a story, the thoughts, the feelings and valuable experiences that were obtained through years of hard work on the loom. Therefore, when holding the products of ethnic minority women in our hands, we are also cherishing the nation's long-standing traditional culture. A typical example of the art of telling stories through handmade products is the brocade weaving village of Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) or Sa Pa (Lao Cai). It is no coincidence that people treasure and appreciate hand-woven handicrafts because these products are made from environmentally friendly natural materials such as velvet, silk, brocade, denim hemp, linen, beeswax,... which do not cause skin irritation. With the idea of ​​zero waste, these costumes will not only stop at beautifying its wearer, but also contribute to the community greatly in minimizing waste and preserving the green of the environment. In order to create traditional textile products, it has to go through many stages, requiring the meticulousness and ingenuity of ethnic women's hands. Typically, the brocade pattern on the jacket is made from the bib of the H'mong girls. To make a costume, the women in Sa Pa weaving village will take more than a year to complete. First of all, the preparation of raw materials must be done extremely carefully such as the process of making raw yarn, weaving, dyeing with natural materials,... Next, coming up with ideas for costumes and process is also elaborated to every little detail. Finally, the process ends with the artisan checking each part carefully, ensuring the flawless perfection of the product. All steps in the process are completely handmade, not only to ensure quality but also to bring uniqueness to the product. In other words, the stories behind hand-woven products make them more unique and meaningful in the eyes of consumers. With the heart and hard work put into each product, these will definitely be great gifts for yourself, as well as your loved ones.

    Christmas ornaments small size

    • Hand weaving Brocade materials

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