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  • In terms of materials, this bag is out of the safe zone compared to similar products on the market because it is produced with traditional brocade patterns. With the unique design of the stylized rectangle, even the strings are made of brocade, giving the consumers a feeling of uniformity and enjoyment. Moreover, with such a design, instead of buttoning or attaching directly to the product, users will easily open and close as well as bring the bag. The product has 3 main colors: green, red and black with different patterns, suitable for each person's preferences, promising to satisfy the most demanding customers. A small revelation is that these accessory bags are all made from redundant fabric or from costumes that have been preserved and cherished by H'mong girls. They also reflect La Pham's Zero Waste fashion concept with the desire to bring fashion into a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    Accessory bag

    • Hand weaving brocade material

      100% sustainable and ethnical fashion product.

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